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There is No Beauty in Distance (AKA.: I Saw Her Get into a Plane)

Today I saw the love of my life get on a plane. I saw her grab her bag, grab her stuff that was scattered around my room, in the middle all my things, and put a brave smile on her face. I saw her get into that plane as she started making her way back to her hometown. It was no movie scene. There was no act of courage to run through security to ask her to stay, there was no first last kiss to tell her she was meant to be with me, there was no whole made speech of love and broken words which only lovers can pronounce.
There was no beauty in letting her go. There was no beauty in watching the airport fill up with all the wrong people while she was making her way through her gate. There was no beauty in that one last kiss that crashed my heart in tidal waves that once every ten minutes continue to hit me. There was no beauty in distance. 
There is no beauty in what is broken. 
There is no beauty in the waiting. 
But I can tell you, there is beauty within her. And I can tell as much as waiting for her is not beautiful, when she kisses me, she thrusts little pieces of herself into me, and that, my friends, is breathtaking. It is also beautiful the way she looks at me to make sure I know she is making a good impression on my family, it is also beautiful the way I grab her hand to pull her close to me while she is drifting away in this new world she just discovered. It is beautiful how her lips move and her hands shake and her voice warms up when she is talking about me, one foot away or thousands of miles of full distance. That is beautiful. 
And I can assure you distance is not good, distance is not proof that you love another; distance is an obstacle that sometimes couples have to face and break their bones to walk through. So as I cry watching that one orange and white plane fly into the sky, I hold on to my shirt which she wore so much it is hers because it is stuck with her smell, the perfume she left in my room and the promises she mumbled before leaving. 
Distance is not beautiful. Planes are not beautiful nor are broken hearts. But the little things we can make out of all of those are simply stunning. 

By Daniel

This is beyond beautiful..